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Only The Brave 2017

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Only The Brave 2017

Every person then comes across, and a few become firefighters. Only the brave, based on the true story of the Hotshots Granite Mountain, is the heroic story of a mission of firefighters who, through hope, intuition, sacrifices and incentives in the protection of our families, our communities and our country become one of the most powerful weapons in the country. So much of the damage we do, go to Hem- Seeing our lives, our homes, all they need is the wrathworship of death as a deadly law.

Based on the real story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots of a group of elite, firefighters all burned to protect the city from historical forest fires.

Prescott, a member of the Granite Hotshots Mountain.

Language: English

Subtitle: Na

Classification: NA

General Disclosure Date: November 2, 2017

Genre: Drama

Duration: No.

Distributor: GSC Movies

Cast: Ben Hardy, Jennifer Connelly, Taylor Kitsch, Miles Counter

Director: Joseph Kosinski

format: 2D

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